External Management, Consulting, DDOS Mitigation

Host for Yourself offers a wide range of services for those with complicated hosting or other technological needs.

DDOS Mitigation

Our datacenters offer various built-in anti-DDOS hardware so please contact us before ordering a specific package to find out more. Additionally, we can provision add-on DDOS mitigation services for any client, whether you host with us internally or utilize a 3rd party for hosting. H4Y can quickly provision DNS-based DDOS proxy services as well as more advanced hosted solutions. Just ask us for details and we will be happy to oblige!

External Server Management

Our certified specialists are experts when it comes to managing your servers. Whether you have a server at your office, co-located, or you rent one from a provider other than us, we can help keep everything running smoothly. Our $79 / mo external management package is lower than most hosts' internal fees. We provide:

  • Initial security hardening of the /tmp partition, PHP security hardening, vulnerability assessment, APF or CSF firewall install (these initial services can be purchased seperately for a one time fee)
  • Robust technical support services. Server-level all the way down to domain-level support is included! You may even ask us for assistance with installing PHP scripts or diagnosing web-based application malfunctions!
  • Kernel Upgrades
  • Apache, PHP, Perl upgrades per request
  • System monitoring w/ service restarts (httpd, pop, ftp, etc)
  • Control panel upgrades (we are very familiar with Webmin, cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin, HostingController, Webpanel, VestaCP, and many more!)

We also offer more advanced management plans with features such as full system software upgrades, daily log auditing, and much more. Please request a quote and we will adapt to your specific needs.


Need specialized advice about hosting, reselling, hardware, software, or just about anything technology related? Our experts can probably help. Host for Yourself offers live chat (online) and telephone consulting for a flat fee of $125 / hr. Let us help you setup DNS servers, explain how to network your house or business, diagnose a problem with your computer or server, or even explain how to become your own webhost. We answer your questions in real-time. Request a quote to schedule an appointment. Be sure to include the general topic you would like to discuss.