Search Engine Marketing

So your organization finally went live with its beautifully designed website that you have slaved over for months? Maybe your pocket is feeling lighter because you've paid thousands of dollars for a professional webdesigner to build your site. BUT, do you know how to promote it? Unlike many companies, our professional web design services include several key promotional and marketing services, but we are also experts on marketing and promoting your website whether you designed it yourself or spent money elsewhere to get a professional design. When your website goes live to the public, it is comparable to opening a retail store in the middle of Antarctica. No one knows it's there. The key to persuading your website to make money for you is to lure traffic to it. There are many ways to accomplish this. Many people think of search engines as the key, but there are actually 100s of other options to look into. Our experts will pick what is best for you, match it to your budget, or even tell you what you can do if you have no budget at all! Find a list of our most common options below and then request a custom quote!

What we can do for you

Submit your site to over 100,000 search engines, FFA pages, and directories (includes a full web-based report) - $60.00 one time or $30 / mo (minimum 3 months).

Pay per click managed keyword campaign - $60.00 / mo minimum.

Fully managed advertising campaign: Includes consultation, local advertising submissions, and pay per click search engine campaign management - $ Please request for quote

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