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The Web Hosting Database,, takes a fact-based approach toproviding consumers with information on web sites, hosting, and the hostingproviders themselves. The site foregoes reviews and marketing pitches infavor of stats, awards, features, and services for each host. WHdb listsover 600 web hosts, large and small, across every state in the US andinternationally.

WHdb is using iWebFusion for a fast, reliable service at an affordableprice. As a site dedicated to hosting, there is a strong need for shortload times on both desktop and mobile platform with an uptime that cannotbe faulted.


The Web Hosting Database must have fast load times and close to no downtime to maintain a trustworthy brand with its visitors. After all, how canyou build a site about web hosting while using a host plagued with constantoutages and poor performance? Experiencing issues attributed to hosting isan embarrassment to WHdb and tarnishes its image with users.

Prior to the iWebFusion migration, the site experienced severe load timesand occasional outages. While we expected a more stable deployment of oursite as well as an overall improvement to performance when switching toiWF, we did not expect the responsive and attentive customer service thatwe received from iWF’s tech support.

Successful Results:

In many cases, saw load times for pages gofrom well over 30 seconds to 7 or 8 seconds from simply moving to iWFHosting alone. The dev team at WHdb then worked with iWF to furtheroptimize the site and improve stability and performance. The site migratedseamlessly to the lightning-fast MariaDB, and iWF configured our server torun advanced housekeeping routines and fail-safes. The site no longerexperiences any outages that are remotely perceivable, if any, and mostpages load in just over a second, greatly improving the user experience onmobile devices as well as PCs.

While WHdb expected fast, stable hosting from iWF, our developers werecaught off guard by how fast and helpful iWF tech support was. Responsesand actions would occur within 20 to 30 minutes of the inquiry. Not days,not hours, but minutes.