Our Mission

H4Y Technologies's mission is to assist you or your small to large business in establishing a home on the net. Whether you're after managed services, consulting, web design, or hosting, H4Y Technologies is here to help you build a presence and to provide the scalibility you require. Our broad array of services and plans empowers you with the opportunity to choose the exact level of attention and technology you desire.

Whether you want a professionally designed site, or you want to learn to do it yourself with the assistance of our highly experienced professionals, we can help. Whether you run your own server in-house, or you want a fully managed hosting plan, we can help. Whether you need a hosting plan with an abundence of features and a low price, or top-notch security and reliability, we can help. Whether you want to be your own webhosting reseller, or you are a designer looking to host your own clients, we can help. At H4Y Technologies, we know that we can show you how to accomplish your online goals in the exact way you need, with the lowest prices in the industry, and with a level of quality and support far beyond what you could ever expect.