Aptum currently owns and operates our facility in Los Angeles, CA. This location is, by far, the most premier facility for clients seeking fast connections to Asia/Pacific. When clients need shared, VPS, cloud, dedicated, or colo with low latency to China Telecom and China Unicom or zero-packetloss, zero-downtime, enterprise-grade connectivity to the US West Coast, Aptum delivers. Performance benefits include 100% guaranteed uninterrupted transit to the Internet, Zero packet loss on Aptum's internal network, minimal latency and no single point of failure, Cisco powered network using Hot Standby Router Protocol (HSRP), Fastest inter-city times, second to none, and UPS and diesel power generator backup.

Name: Carrier Center, 600 West 7th St, Suite 420, Los Angeles, CA

  • 10,000 sq. ft. facility out of 450,000 available in the building
  • Anti-static, raised flooring
  • (12) 30-ton AC units n+2 around UPS equipment
  • Pre-action Smoke Detection System
  • Video surveillance, building and facility security card access, security personnel and NOC man trap
  • Multiple TXU electrical grids
  • (19) 1500Kw Diesel Backup Generators
  • Several 225KVA UPS Backups w/ over 15 min of pure battery power
  • Standalone PDUs at each cabinet row
  • NOC monitors all traffic w/ DDOS and Intrusion Detection

Network Infrastructure
Aptum has engineered one of the fastest and most reliable networks in the world. It delivers the lowest latency in the industry along with zero packet loss. The network is built based on a series of dedicated links between all of our facilities using multiple high-speed connections. We have strategic peering relationships with over 500 networks and we utilize four Tier 1 upstream providers (MCI, Savvis, AT&T and Sprint) to ensure continued high performance. Carrier Center is wired by: MCI Worldcom, AT&T, Qwest, ICG, and Nextlink. HSRP protocol is used for the lowest possible latency. A full Cisco powered network with n+2 "redundent everything" guideline is utilized. Each H4Y Platinum Network client gets a standard 100Mbps uplink to share several Gbps of bandwidth alotted to the facility.

Our state-of-the-art Network Operations Center (NOC) is manned around the clock by professional technical staff that continuously monitors and maintains the Aptum network and co-location facilities. The best in the business, our highly skilled engineers are always available to assist you on-site 24/7. Their unsurpassed routing and troubleshooting expertise assure you of 100% uptime and maximum network performance.

Point of Presence Locations
21715 Filigree Court
NPA/NXX = 703 723

101 Marietta Street
NPA/NXX = 404 588

56 Marietta Street (Telx)
NPA/NXX = 404 979

350 East Cermak Road (Equinix)
NPA/NXX = 312 328

1950 Stemmons Freeway (Equinix)
NPA/NXX = 214 782

42340 Albrae Street
NPA/NXX = 626 351

2350 Corporate Park Drive

Coriander Avenue (Telehouse)

Los Angeles
West 7th Street
NPA/NXX = 213 623

1 Wilshire
NPA/NXX = 213 312

2300 NW 89th Place
NPA/NXX= 305/717

50 Northeast 9th Street (Terremark)
NPA/NXX= 305/328

1080 Beaver Hall
NPA/NXX = 514 878
New York City

75 Broad Street
NPA/NXX = 212 742

25 Broadway (Telehouse)
NPA/NXX = 718 355

60 Hudson (Telx)
NPA/NXX = 212 571

San Jose
Market Post Tower
55 South Market Street
NPA/NXX = 408 292

11 Great Oak Blvd (Equinix)

Westin building . 2001 Sixth Avenue
NPA/NXX = 206 443

2001 Sixth Avenue (Colocenters)
NPA/NXX = 206 441

1 Yonge Street
NPA/NXX = 416 815

151 Front Street
NPA/NXX = 416 369

555 West Hastings Street
NPA/NXX = 604 683

555 West Hastings Street
NPA/NXX = 604 683

515 West Hastings Street
NPA/NXX = 604 683

555 Burrard Street
NPA/NXX = 604 661